Board Member Profile

Ron Tomasch
Member at Large

Ron is one of the most recently elected board members. He was introduced to the world of woodturn-ing at the age of 8. As a child he was given a lathe made from wood by his father. He enjoyed turn-ing on a regular basis until he graduated from high school. After high school it was not until later in his life that he was able to purchase a lathe and return to turning.

Ron is now an avid wood turner. He is a member of the AAW and belongs to 4 turning clubs, includ-ing PIW. He is the vice president of North Coast Woodturners (NCWT) and regularly attends meet-ings at the Buckeye (BWT) and Central Ohio Woodturners (COW). As the VP of NCWT, Ron sched-ules the pro turners for the NCWT. He has been working with the clubs to create a schedule that gives all clubs the option to host them. This benefits and saves money for both the pro turners and the clubs.
While not searching for pro turners, Ron enjoys turning all types of things, performing demos for schools, clubs and at Woodcraft. Ron’s latest turning interest includes hollow vessels and hollowing tools. His past interests include boxes, bowls, vases/weed pots, goblets and urns.

Ron loves to mentor so if you ever have any questions, comments or requests, you can contact him by phone at: (216-214-1959) or visit him at his studio at 526 Eastlawn Street, Geneva, Ohio. Please call or email first.